DenkanStoos März 2012

GastgeberHolisticon AG, Friedensallee 120, 22763 Hamburg

Moderation: Björn Linder (Xing AG)


FearlessHamburg wird zu „DenkanStoos“). Ziel des Events ist es, in netter Atmosphäre bei „Holisticon“ zu überlegen, wie eine Gruppe in Hamburg aussehen könnte und welche Ziele wir uns vornehmen möchten.



In a first round the group did a brainstorming to answer the question: „What is the purpose of the group. What should we work on to be satisfied after each networking event?“ The results were 4 Cluster:

Rules / Work Atmosphere

  • Curiosity
  • „Proper listening“
  • Exploration outside the „right or wrong“ space
  • Fun

Increase Knowledge

  • Do’s and Don’t
  • Knowledge exchange on management styles
  • authentic stories
  • event notifications & summaries
  • Share Literature
  • Share experience
  • Share experiments
  • Experimente auswerten
  • Erfahrungen austauschen
  • Ideas to help customers
  • Neue Techniken lernen
  • Learn to be a Organizational CHange Agent


  • Find (a) USP(s) for the agile Company
  • „Verkaufsideen“ Sellingspoints for Management
  • CEO’s abholen wo sie stehen
  • Management for self-organizing teams
  • Stärkeres Verständnis zu Akzeptanzproblemen „Agilität im Management“

One Voice

  • Get a common understanding of management in the 21th century
  • Ideen Pool entwickeln (BOK – Body of Knowledge)
  • More detailed vision of core values
  • Build some kind of platform (not software) for spreading ideas


  • Andere Unternehmen kennenlernen
  • Get insight into „different world“
  • Chance to work with other „Agilists“

In a second round we identified a set of actions we can do to achieve the clusters above:

Rules / Work Atmosphere

  • Speak up if atmosphere / fairness detoriates
  • Play games

Increase Knowledge

  • Define management „Persona“?
  • A theme or question for an event & than we share our stories
  • The Fortis Story
  • Invite people from inspiring companies
  • Book reviews / recommendations
  • Select articles that are distributed to the group
  • Fishbowl Interviews
  • Real case study each Event
  • Create and manage a wiki (BOK)
  • Lightening talks
  • News
  • 15 min talks or interviews about current state and vision
  • Get in contact with education (MBA, etc.)
  • Don’t and Do’s. Concrete stories told by members. What made the commitment grow / decline?

One Voice

  • Platform for _Management
  • keine Dogmen auch keine Agilen
  • One Term definition at each event
  • Connect to Stoos-Network
  • Sell the story (Computerwoche, CIO, Bild,..)
  • Organize a conference „X-Enterprise“


  • Consolidate Customer Feedback: What do they think is the USP for agile management
  • Invite Top-Managers and Interview them
  • Fakten sammeln nicht nur stories
  • Propose a small experiment into the right direction
  • Invite Management, ask what they need
  • CEO Interviews: „Was treibt den CEO in der Krise um? Warum glauben „alle“, dass nur Theorie X hilft?
  • Invite managers to meet
  • Invite people from especially „traditional companies“
  • Manager Interviews: „Was macht der Manager den ganzen Tag, wenn die Teams 1a self-organized laufen“?
  • Understand classical views and fear by talking to them
  • Invite „non-IT“ reps from companies which try to „do management in a different way“ e.g. TUI, Otto
  • Collect „Best-Practices“ in small groups: What management would you characterize as „modern management“


  • „Support team“ for change one at a time
  • More meetings, less tools
  • Internship
  • Switch workplaces
  • Pair coaching / mentoring


After we created the content we agreed on the following actions:

  • Each time a different company will host the next event. The moderator can be one of the company members or a different person.
  • We will create a XING group for discussions and event management
  • We will create a shared wiki to build a BOK (Body of Knowledge). Hass makes a proposal.
  • The group will start with the following types of events
  • Game Evenings (Playing new games and learn from it)
  • Warm-up, Simulation
  • Exchange Evenings (Topic based exchange)
  • Lightening talks, Case studies, Group exchange (e.g. Open Space), Invite Experts, Present Books / Articles
  • Management Exchange (Invite Managers)
  • Work Evenings (Preparing or consolidating in a small group)
  • Name and vision of the group will emerge over the next events
  • The group will start the exchange evenings in a rythm of 8 weeks
  • The next event in hosted by XING. A proposal for the  agenda will be worked out by Hass and Henning.

Bilder vom Event

IMG_2262 IMG_2259


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