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The Wild 13 – team up like pirates

Company Pirate

On Friday I came across Guido Bosbach’s article about Pirates of work. No big surprise that the article quickly resonated with me, a company pirate. I would like to support and build on Guido’s theses to advocate for a pirate’s mindset in business. First I was thinking about a single post. But I don’t know my final destination yet. And as famous Greek philosopher and scientist Aristotle said: „We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails“. So I decided to set the sails for a first leg and get a better feel of where the winds are blowing and find islands that are worth a visit. In other words, this will be the first post in a series with unknown end. So are you ready to join my ride on the ocean of complexity? Maybe we find treasure island together 😉

Who are the Wild 13?


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Deep change – Good change – Bad change



Roozegaarde architecture studio – picture via Dezeen

Some time ago, I initiated a conversation with some folks on “deep change”. What is it? What are the leverage points in organisations to make it happen? What are accelerators for deep change etc? One of my questions was “Can organisations change?

I received plenty of interesting feedback, including some challenging insights by Robert Fritz himself. As I am a big fan of Robert’s work, I was very eager to listen.


Robert and I had some contacts back and forward over mail, and this blog post is a summary of our conversations. Italic paragraphs are direct quotes from Robert’s mails. Highlights, emphasis, non-italics and picture/video curation by myself.

“I don’t like the notion of “deep” change.  It’s the word “deep” that seems incorrect as an accurate description of what it takes to change and organization or a person’s life.

Of course…

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Nächstes Stoos Connect Oktober 2013 als ‚Hangout‘

Am 4. Oktober 2013 findet das nächste globale Event des Stoos Netzwerkes statt. Ursprünglich live in Kopenhagen geplant, wurde die Veranstaltung nun ins Internet verlegt. Die Sprecher sind per ‚Google Hangout‚ verbunden, die Satelliten und alle anderen Teilnehmer können sich live dazu schalten.


Why are growing cities more innovative than growing companies?

Wolfgang WoppererEinen feinen DenkanStoos hat uns gestern Wolfgang Wopperer verpasst. Rund um die Frage, wie Innovation oder auch Entwicklung im weitesten Sinne entsteht und was dafür notwendig ist, wurden wir durch Parallelen aus Tierreich & Stadtentwicklung an die Fakten über die großen Unternehmen herangeführt. Je größer ein Unternehmen, desto weniger innovativer sei es.